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Tuesday 1:00-1:50 p.m.

WordPress Sidebar Widgets

Create fast, powerful widgets customized for the WordPress platform.


WordPress blogging software powers over 3 million active blogs around the world. WordPress sidebar widgets tap into the powerful server-side capabilities of WordPress to assemble new content quickly and efficiently and output as HTML. WordPress sidebar widgets are managed from each blog publisher's administrative dashboard, cached locally, and visible to search engines. Learn how custom WordPress sidebar widget development will help your company boost distribution and SEO

The open-source WordPress blogging platform is powered by PHP, MySQL, and a collection of associated libraries. Every WordPress install includes the tools you need to request data from a remote website, store results inside a local database, and assemble new pages with live and up-to-date data. WordPress plugins offer a richer feature set than pure JavaScript snippets including decreased load on your servers, easy administration for the blog owner, and HTML output built along-side the rest of the page.

In this session you will learn about WordPress, its authors, and how plugins enhance the publisher experience. We'll walk through installing a new WordPress sidebar widget, contrast with a pure JavaScript experience, and highlight major features of the WordPress sidebar widget API.